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Expert Mercedes Maintenance and Repair in Hermosa Beach, CA

You drive a Mercedes Benz for its comfort, quality engineering, style and performance. You’ve invested in a high-quality luxury automobile. To protect your automotive investment you want to be sure your Mercedes receives the best maintenance and repairs available. No matter what model of Mercedes Benz you drive, A & R German Motors in Hermosa Beach, CA provides the quality, professional, friendly and affordable service you want and deserve. We are dedicated to giving your Mercedes Benz the expert care you expect. We will never recommend or preform an unneeded service. That’s knowledge and integrity. See what our customers at A & R German Motors are saying. Testimonials

Skilled Master Certified Technicians at A & R German Motors

As you would expect, knowledge translates into faster, more accurate diagnosis and repairs. Your Mercedes was built to give you a smooth and safe driving experience to last for many years. Certified Master Technicians Allen and Ralph have the skill and 2014-Mercedes-CLA-250-.over 25 years of experience to meet the high standards that are required to maintain your Mercedes Benz. Our Mercedes experts are dedicated to giving your vehicle the special care you’re looking for. We take pride in treating your Mercedes Benz with special care. Our goal at A & R German Motors is to exceed your expectation with a full line of shop services, and have invested in the factory service equipment to do so.

Our top priority at A & R German Motors is to keep you and your family safe and secure while driving California’s roads. Trust A & R German Motors with the maintenance of your Mercedes Benz, from regular inspections and safety checks, to tires, brakes, transmission and more. We have the skill, expertise, technology and convenient hours you’re looking for Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 6:00.

Expert Warranty Service in the South Bay Area

The astute manufacturers of your Mercedes Benz have designed the Mercedes to give you safe and comfortable driving for many years to come. It is important to keep your warranty services on schedule to maintain your Mercedes Benz investment and to receive many years of reliable service. A & R German Motors is committed to helping you keep your factory warranty maintenance service schedule fulfilled. Leave the service and maintenance up to the Mercedes Benz experts at A & R German Motors.

A & R German Motors knows your Mercedes from front to back and top to bottom. We use the latest in modern equipment and tools and are dedicated to performing all of the factory services that have been recommended and tailored to your specific Mercedes Benz warranty. To help your Mercedes remain at its top level of performance and retain its maximum value, bring your Mercedes to A & R German Motors.

Quality Parts & Products at A&R German Motors

In order to make sure that your Mercedes performs at peak performance it requires parts and products of superior design. A & R German Motors uses only factory recommended, quality parts and products. Our technicians have the knowledge and skill to make sure your Mercedes is fitted with only the best parts and products available.

Expert Oil Change Service for Any Model of Mercedes – A & R German Motors

Clean engine oil makes sure that everything in your Mercedes engine is moving smoothly. Making sure your engine oil is clean is extremely important. If the oil gets dirty or oil leaks from your engine, chances are that your vehicle won’t get you where you need to go. Routine oil changes are a good investment. Getting regular oil service keeps your Mercedes Benz engine healthy so that it can provide many miles of trouble-free motoring. Therefore, we recommend getting an oil change service every 5000 miles.

It is important to keep your engine’s moving parts clean and free from contaminants. Engine oil lubricates and protects your Mercedes internal engine components. The oil reduces friction between the moving parts of your engine and carries away dirt and metal particles.

At A & R German Motors, we believe that changing your Mercedes oil filter is just as important as changing the oil at regular intervals. As the filter cleans the oil by collecting dirt and stopping it from clogging up the engine, the filter can fill with dirt. A & R German Motors makes sure your Mercedes Benz engine gets the clean oil and filter it needs to keep on providing the reliable service it was designed to give.

Allen or Ralph will pamper your Mercedes Benz when you bring it in for an oil change. Not only do we use premium oil and quality filters, we will also perform a general free inspection to make sure a minor issue does not turn into a major repair. Have the confidence that your Mercedes is receiving the most professional oil change offered in the automotive industry. Trust your Mercedes Benz to A & R German Motors. Call A & R German Motors today, 310-372-2522.

“The Best or Nothing” – Mercedes Benz

Your Mercedes Benz was built beneath this logo – “The Best or Nothing.” Your Mercedes deserves only the “BEST” in automotive service and repairs. In Hermosa Beach, Ca. the best place to take your Mercedes Benz for maintenance, service or repair is A & R German Motors. German engineering is our specialty. Why not trust its maintenance and repairs to one of the best automotive repair facilities available in the South Bay; A & R German Motors. Call today for an appointment, or drop by for a visit.

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