Testimonials at A & R German Motors are real customers sharing their overall experience and the likelihood they will recommend our services to their friends and family. Customer testimonials send strong signals of trust because they are candid endorsements of your service, by people who actually use your services. Your customers will always be more persuasive than you. 

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 Judi S. I couldn’t be happier. Took my Mercedes to A&R today because a headlight was out. I had a new bulb, but I wasn’t sure if it was even the right one. I had no appointment, but they said it would only take a few minutes. Ralph took care of the replacement in no time, using the bulb that I already had. Didn’t try to get me to replace the one that wasn’t bad. Didn’t insist that I had to even buy their bulb. Just took care of it for me, noticed I needed a few pounds of air in a couple of tires, took care of that too, and sent me on my way!


I took the opportunity to ask about pricing for service on my other car which sits more than most. It’s quite overdue for a Mercedes “B” service (the more expensive one). Ralph told me that they would check it first to see how the filters look, because even though the time has passed for a “B” service, if it sits, the car may not actually need anything more than the oil change. That is exactly what I hoped to hear! Basically, “I’m not interested in ripping you off and doing more than you need!” If I do need to get the “B”, the price quoted was very reasonable, and if I only need the oil change, I’ll save a ton.

Thanks Ralph! I’m very happy to have found a fair and friendly auto repair shop.


 Donna,  I’m a grandmother with four little passengers that mean the world to me. After years of service with a local shop, my son convinced me to switch to Ralph and Allen. I am so happy that he did! They are professional, patient in explaining any problems and very efficient. I drive down once a week from Arcadia to babysit grandchildren and refuse to take my BMW to anyone but Ralph and Allen. I have even purchased the extended AAA membership so that if anything happens to my car I will be able to get to A & R! They are honest, reliable, and have fair pricing. Thank you for keeping my car safe.


B. J., A&R has been the first choice for our cars going on 4 years now. They’re honest, reliable and have excellent communication regarding diagnosing whatever problems might exist with the vehicles. Thanks Ralph and Alan!!


Liz, A&R is honest, reliable and their customer service is great. I’ve been coming to them for five years now and they never disappoint.


We where delighted from this testimonial by JR., Great owners make this place shine. Each time I take my cars in I have full faith that it’ll come out corrected. If something can’t be fixed, or doesn’t need to be fixed, they let me know instead of applying pressure to fix everything immediately. Excellent quality topped off with great customer service!


Jack, Ralph and Alan always due a great job whenever I need something done with my BMW 750. They are extremely honest and great to deal with. I would highly recommend them for any BMW service work that you need done,


Ali, A & R German Motors is the best mechanic you will find in Hermosa Beach and probably the whole South Bay area. We have had our 2004 MB SUV ML 350 repaired for different problems and have always been very satisfied with the repairs. We have also had our 2001 MB SEDAN repaired and serviced here. We always get an honest estimate of what the potential costs will be. Ralph will only recommend what future needs your car may need and he is never pushy or adamant that repairs get done ASAP and try to get you have unnecessary things done. We just bought another used 2010 MB SUV ML 350 on 2-28-17 and will only have A & R German Motors perform any future services/repairs. When you own used vehicles as we do, you want to have an honest mechanic work on your car!


Pat, Beyond satisfied with the service, prices and honesty of both Allen and Ralph. My car was ready for a B service and I was ready to change from the dealer…


Cormac, Once again, superior service from the guys at A & R! Great prices too. These guys are skilled and honest. Been going to them for years. Love them.


Emily, The guys at A&R always take such good care of my car. Their prices are very reasonable, and their service is excellent. I’ve been coming here for work on my Mercedes for years, and will continue to do so. Thanks!